Celebrating Heritage and Support: Lawline's Sweet Gesture for Black History Month

Miylie Roan | February 22, 2024

Celebrating Heritage and Support: Lawline's Sweet Gesture for Black History Month

Our Minority Employee Resource Group (MERG) planned a particularly sweet and significant celebration this Black History Month. It was all about showing love for Black culture and understanding its importance, so we found a unique way to honor the past while uplifting the present.


The color red holds a deep significance within Black culture because it symbolizes the strength of ancestors who fought for freedom. It’s like a symbol of bravery, love, and strong family bonds that can’t be broken. To embody this spirit and celebrate Black History Month, Lawline’s Minority Employee Resource Group (MERG) sent out delectable treats to everyone at Lawline - red velvet cake jars! These were carefully selected from a Black-owned business, symbolizing our collective support for Black entrepreneurs and our commitment to fostering growth and success within their businesses.


On top of that, MERG hosted a session all about tackling imposter syndrome, making sure we’re all feeling supported and confident in who we are. This is just one way we’re working to make sure our workplace is welcoming and supportive for everyone.


These initiatives are just one of the many ways Lawline's MERG aims to foster a culture of inclusion, understanding, and support. By celebrating Black History Month in such a thoughtful manner, we are acknowledging the struggles and triumphs of Black Americans but also reinforcing our commitment to a workplace that values our diverse employees. It's initiatives like these that bring us all closer together, showing us that what makes us different also makes us strong. At Lawline, we’re proud to be on this journey, working towards a future where everyone is supported and celebrated.

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