Staying Connected Virtually by Sharing our Happy Moments & Gratitude

Miylie Roan | April 7, 2022

One of the best ways we connect with our virtual team is using a group slack chat to share what is going on in our lives, our likes and dislikes on pop culture topics and what we are grateful for these days.  Lawliners do this daily through a  program called watercooler, which sends us random questions each day which we answer and then have many side conversations responding to one another’s responses. We had a really special automatic question recently that asked us to share one story, photo, article, or object that made us feel good, hopeful, or happy.  The responses we received made us all feel connected as a company and warm and fuzzy inside. Co-workers  shared photos of their loved ones, gave us surprise updates like a new baby on the way, new house purchases under construction and even special visits to DC to see the Cherry Blossoms in bloom. It is always a great time when we can share our special moments with others.

In addition to our random watercooler topics, we started doing Thankful Tuesdays. This means every Tuesday employees will be able to emphasize what they are thankful for. On our first Tuesday,  employees shared that they are thankful for their family, upcoming vacations, having good health, their fur babies and working for Lawline! One Lawliner even stated “ I am thankful for Lawline of course, such a mind-blowing culture that radiates so much love.” 

Staying connected with great communication is key to maintaining good company morale.It helps people stay productive and more importantly creates strong relationships which makes our jobs more enjoyable.


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