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Miylie Roan | July 11, 2023

Lawline’s Minority Employee Resource Group (MERG) partnered with The Opportunity Network through their intern fellowship program to find our 2023 Creative Content & Storytelling Intern for the summer, Lizbeth Lima.  The Opportunity Network’s (Opp Net) main focus is supporting students from low-income backgrounds and underrepresented groups through internships, college guidance, mentor partnerships, and opportunities to network with professionals.The goal of Opp Net’s intern program is to provide students with valuable work experience, expose them to diverse industries, develop their professional skills, expand their networks, and help them make informed decisions about their future careers. 


We couldn’t be more excited to have Lizbeth onboard this summer. Here is a quote from her leader. 


“Lizbeth has been an amazing addition to our team this summer. She consistently demonstrates an eagerness to learn and grow. I am amazed by the progress she’s made thus far, and I can’t wait to see how else she grows in her professional career. Working with Lizbeth has been an amazing experience!” - Katie Carelli, Content Operations Manager


Keep reading to hear Lizbeth’s story. 


“I currently attend the University of Rochester, where I study Political Science. Before joining Lawline, I worked various service industry jobs while juggling school. I did everything from freelance dog walking to waitressing and sales associate positions. However, my most significant growth came from my experiences joining the management team at my service jobs. Leading a team every shift taught me valuable lessons in staying calm and effectively communicating when facing challenges.


Yet, I reached a point where I desired something more. I longed for professional growth in an environment that would provide me with insights into the legal profession. I wanted to ensure that law school is the right path for me before fully committing to its mental and financial stresses. Throughout my life, I have always been a storyteller and passionate about different forms of media. In high school, I challenged myself to create a documentary about gentrification in my hometown of Bushwick, Brooklyn, for an art class focused on the concept of Choosing to Participate. 


Since then, I have been longing to utilize and enhance my storytelling and editing skills. That's why I am thrilled to join Lawline this summer, where I can both showcase my skills and expand my knowledge of the legal profession.” 

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