The Journal That Talks Back

Miylie Roan | July 25, 2023

At Lawline, we understand the importance of investing in our employees' continuous development and growth. We support our employees in their professional growth from an annual subscription to engaging Linkedin Learning courses to thought-provoking quarterly book clubs and an annual budget for skill training and conferences. We are excited to spotlight an additional resource that has truly transformed our employees' journeys – The Journal That Talks Back.   

The Journal That Talks Back is a virtual interactive platform that partners employees with a personalized coach to enhance their journey of becoming their best selves. At Lawline, we're all about GROWing together! This benefit showcases this core value by empowering and supporting employees on their journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, and growth. Keep reading to hear what our employees had to say about their experience using The Journal That Talks Back!

"I really benefit from the questions my coach asks, she makes me think about things in a different way and challenges my negative thinking. I'm able to use the advice and feedback in both my work and personal life, and I never feel an ounce of judgment!" - Michelle DeGonzague, Customer Support Manager

"I credit the journal for nudging me to write more. It became a pen pal relationship for me. I look forward to hearing back from the coach. I action their comments. I reflect. I figure things out." - Svetlana Glacken, Customer Success Manager

"I love using TJTTB as it provides me with a valuable external perspective on things and helps me develop my personal and professional skills. Knowing that I can write in my journal anytime about anything and receive caring feedback from someone invested in my growth brings me a lot of comfort." - Katie Carelli, Content Operations Manager

The Journal That Talks Back meets you where you are. If you have 1 minute or 20 to devote to journaling - you will benefit. You don’t have to be a master of prose to use TJTTB -what a relief. There is something so comforting about writing your thoughts, sending them away, and knowing you will be “heard.” You then can really ponder any questions or thoughts your coach has and respond on your time - when you’re ready. Having the ability to share whatever you want, whenever you want - is the best and most freeing part about TJTTB.” - Cali Franks, Program Attorney

In conclusion, Lawline's commitment to investing in its employees' continuous development and growth, coupled with the transformative impact of The Journal That Talks Back, exemplifies our dedication to nurturing a thriving and empowered workforce.

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