Top 7 Ways To Create A Great Coworking Space

Ambassador Ann | September 18, 2018

Creating a great co-working space can be challenging to achieve but far from impossible. Here are some tips to having an awesome place to work with other companies.

  1. Environment: The office should be inspiring, clean, and energizing; a place where people look forward to coming in every day. Having multiple meeting rooms are a plus.

    Breakout Room
  2. Compatibility: Finding the right “roommates” can be tricky, so interviewing is essential. It may be tempting to sign the first group to express interest, but it could turn into a sour relationship down the line.

  3. Culture: The office culture extends outside of your company to all businesses working under the same roof. They should feel as comfortable with you as you feel with them.

  4. Networking: Once you have the right roommate(s), remember that you’re going to be seeing a lot of each other. It’s best to get ahead of awkward silent looks when walking by, and instead, facilitate introductions and regular hello’s. Build a community and support network to encourage collaborations. Additionally, hosting after-work events to break the ice helps a lot.

  5. Benefits: You know the old saying, Sharing is Caring? Well, provide tenant companies with some shared refreshments, office equipment, and other perks as incentives to attract and keep them.

    20171130_175756 copy
  6. Respect: It is helpful to remember to establish rules and official agreements to make sure all parties know where they stand and have a seamless working experience.

  7. Ambassador: A truly awesome office manager will be sure to provide assistance with access to the amenities, guest arrivals, rules for mutually shared meeting rooms, and best food recommendations in the area.


While a few trial and error moments might surface in the beginning, staying attentive to your roommate(s) needs as well as those of your company’s needs will create a respectful and productive environment for all.

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