Where is Lawline's Awesome Content Made? Welcome to the Lawline Studio!

Dan O'Rourke | September 13, 2018

Welcome to the Lawline Studio: where the magic happens. The Lawline Studio is located in our offices in New York City’s Financial District and has hosted thousands of attorneys from all over the world. For just a few of the reasons the studio is the place to record informative and important legal content, check out the list below!

Technology1. Awesome. New. Cameras. The Lawline Studio is designed to optimize efficiency and reduce issues that might arise during a live webcast program, creating a seamless experience for Lawline viewers. The studio is outfitted with three brand new remote-controlled cameras, making it possible for one videographer to shoot a program - regardless of whether there is one presenter - or five!

2. Live editing. The turnkey studio allows live editing between the three remote-controlled cameras. Screen sharing and casting between five different monitors is also used to show a variety of visual stimuli to program viewers. This live editing feature ensures minimal post-production time and can also be handled by one individual.

3. Highlighting presenters - and firms! The presenter experience is a keystone of the studio - and a practice of Lawline as a whole. Among the numerous resources that exist for purposes of helping our attorneys present at their absolute best is the added perk of Chromecast integration, which allows presenters the opportunity to market their firm by casting the logo on the studio monitor behind them throughout the duration of a program. 


4. Professional set designs. The Lawline Studio also boasts a professionally designed set with state-of-the-art lighting. The set can be manipulated, allowing for multiple backgrounds and program aesthetics, including sets such as:

  • Standard lecture
  • Anchor desk
  • Coffee table 
  • Guest/host 

Coffee Table

5. People love the results. Check out customers opining on the high-quality production value of the Lawline Studio: 

  • "Very, very interesting examples. This was a pretty sophisticated presentation with three cameras… wow :)"
  • "I appreciate the clear sound and good quality video production."
  • "Great audiovisuals.”


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