Empowering Women: Reflections from MERG Women's History Month Safe Space Session

Miylie Roan | March 28, 2024

At Lawline, our commitment is to foster an inclusive culture where every individual feels empowered to thrive professionally. Recently, our MERG (Minority Employee Resource Group) hosted a thought-provoking safe space session in honor of Women's History Month, focusing on creating a safe environment for women in the workplace.

We gathered to tackle the pressing issue of imposter syndrome, with a special focus on its impact on women. Our dynamic panel, featuring Michele Richman - Chief People Officer, Michelle DeGonzague - Customer Support Manager, and Frank Rodriguez - Web Developer and an ally, shared their insights and experiences. 

Throughout the session, participants engaged in lively discussions, exchanged personal stories, and gained new perspectives. It was an opportunity to connect, grow, and inspire one another. Below are anonymous quotes from attendees during the event;

  • "Imposter syndrome is temporary and shouldn’t discourage you. Share your experiences to relate to others and realize you're not alone in this journey."
  • "Playing down your accomplishments should not be normalized. I wouldn’t be in this position if people didn’t trust me and think I was capable."
  • "I Had to challenge my own thoughts and having a coach and believing in myself makes me feel proud."
  • "I feel at times my feelings weren’t valid because I have little to no experience compared to others but I knew the impact I could bring to the table and my fresh perspective could bring a lot of value." 
  • "To help fight imposter syndrome, I created a boost me up doc to keep track of all positive feedback people say about me, which serves as a reminder of my strengths and capabilities." 
  • "As a woman in the workplace, it's important to challenge the stereotype of making our roles smaller. Speaking up is about empowerment and asserting our presence and shouldn’t be categorized as bossy." 

Imposter syndrome, that nagging feeling of self-doubt, often disproportionately affects women in the workplace. However, by coming together and sharing our experiences, we can combat these feelings and empower each other to reach our full potential.

As we reflect on the MERG Women's History Month Safe Space Session, let's carry forward the lessons learned and continue to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion at Lawline and beyond. Together, we can create a workplace where every woman feels supported, valued, and empowered to be the best version of herself, professionally and personally.

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