Celebrating Togetherness: Lawline’s 2023 Holiday Celebration Luncheon!

Miylie Roan | December 28, 2023

This year's Holiday Company Luncheon at Lawline was a fantastic showcase of how we blend fun with remote work. Our event was all about laughter, connections, and embracing our core value of PLAY.


The anonymous gift exchange was a blast, with many of us unwrapping more than one surprise gift. It was a great way to spread cheer and show appreciation in a playful, exciting way. We also hosted a Fringe benefit raffle which was a hit with first, second, and third place winners. All of the winners received a range of prized fringe points from 125 to 500 points! For context, 500 Fringe points is equivalent to a $100 Door Dash gift card! It’s always fun to add a little friendly competition and excitement to our gatherings. Over lunch and mid-day coffees, we shared stories about our holiday plans, they were a chance for us to learn more about each other, beyond work. 


Finally, we added a twist of excitement with a guessing game, offering three clues to reveal our 2024 company retreat destination, dates, and hotel. It didn't take long for our quick-witted employees to piece together the clues and discover we are going to Charleston, South Carolina, sparking an immediate buzz of anticipation for our upcoming annual retreat.


At Lawline, we’re all about making sure that even though we work remotely, we still get to connect, laugh, and have a great time together. The holiday luncheon was a perfect example of how we keep things light and enjoyable, making our work more than just tasks and deadlines.


It’s events like this that make working at Lawline unique – it’s not just about the job, it’s about enjoying the time we spend together and getting to know the fun side of each other.


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