What Part Of The Brain Resembles A Seahorse?

Ambassador Ann | April 24, 2013

If you guessed the Hippocampus, you are correct!!
Yesterday, eight of us FurtherEdians went to a local bar to participate in Trivia Night. After creating our teams, Team Rocket & Xena Warriors, our brains were sending messages quickly to our hands as we race to get the answers down. 13 teams were competing altogether.
Screams and laughter were heard from Team Rocket as they earn points. Every time my team got an answer right, I made a Xena battle cry naturally. Even though our two teams almost made it to the top 4, we still had a blast hanging out and learning.

Rich, Ryan, Mike F, and I.


Casey, Meredith, Sal, & Steph.
"Blast off at the speed of light!"


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