You can take away our keys, and you can take away our phones, but you can't take away our dreams...

Lawline Staff | February 22, 2013

Because, we're like sleeping when we have them!

Words of wisdom from the Brothers Butabi.

On Thursday, February 21st of the year 2013, the FurtherEd team looked to Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell to illustrate the power of optimism.

In the movie, "A Night at The Roxbury," two unique brothers are trying to find their way into the ultra-exclusive, Los Angeles club scene.

Unfortunately, the Brothers' possess neither the looks, nor the vehicle, nor the financial wherewithal to get their names on the elusive, Roxbury club, list!

But fear not. The Brothers recognize their situation, overcome doubt, and eventually rely on positivity, optimism and good fortune. Despite a generous peppering of nearly insurmountable obstacles on their path to "dancin'," the Brothers repeatedly take time to reassure each other that if they stick to their "guns," that they will one day not only participate in but own a piece of that "Sweet, Sweet world."

Eventually, their optimism leads the Brothers to a right-place, right-time situation, where they make the "contacts of a lifetime," with a top-tier club owner, Mr. Zadir!

The FurtherEd staff watched the evolution of their optimism and, in the final scene, saw how the brothers were rewarded by being appointed managers of "Only the hottest club in town, a la the Roxbury!"

Sure... the brothers lack the skills and resourcefulness of the focused FurtherEd team. However, the situations are certainly parallel. Like the Butabi brothers, FurtherEd sets a goal, identifies the hurdles, and remains optimistic until the goal is achieved. By never wavering in this commitment to optimism, the Butabi's and we here at Lawline cement our culture and continue to grow, individually and as a team

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