Drag Queen Bingo

Miylie Roan | June 16, 2022

In celebration of Pride month we gathered together for a fun afternoon of Drag Queen Bingo! We played many rounds hosted by 2 comedic drag queens that brought excitement into the game with fun twists. There was dancing, comedy, and amusing prizes like a black hole infinite rug won by Katie, a chicken purse won by Michelle and a unicorn taco holder that Alex won…who knew everyone needed one of those?

Lawline believes publicly celebrating Pride is an important demonstration of support for our LGBTQ+ employees. It sends a crystal clear message that we care about employee wellbeing and promote diversity and inclusion alongside employee engagement. We celebrate employees for who they are and encourage everyone to be their authentic selves in the workplace because people are the most valuable asset in a company.

...and I mean, who doesn't want to pause their day for some dancing and a few rounds of Drag Bingo?


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