Lawline's Halloween Party 2021

As Lawline grows, we are happy to share our Halloween traditions with our new team members, especially our annual Halloween Costume Contest!

This year, Lawliners came together to compete in  AVVA Experience’s virtual escape room from Alcatraz. 

This event had everyone working together, thinking strategically and using our creativity to escape in less than 75 minutes. Thankfully we all made it out in time! Congratulations to the first place team, The Daisies who completed the escape room in 42 minutes and 12 seconds. 

Since every Lawliner came dressed up, AVVA employees picked their favorite costume! Michele Richman won their best costume contest!!! Congratulations Michele for winning the Rhobcostcodecaffcoffeehedron award! 

 After the event, we had Lawliners vote on the best dressed. Lawliners voted Kathleen Boyle and her puppy Daisy “aka the Waldos” as the winners. They were rewarded with an amazon gift card!

We all had a great time and look forward to the next Halloween Party!


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