A Seriously Sweet Holiday

Kathleen Boyle | February 28, 2018

Have you ever had a massage at work before? I can tell you firsthand that it’s my favorite way to break up a work day. We’ve all experienced stress over a deadline, tension when tying a project together, and I can assume imperfect posture when working at our desks. The solution? A mid-day massage.

Hot_Chocolate_Bar_2018.jpgThe day before Valentine’s Day, Lawliners were in for a special treat, and when I say treat, I mean it in the sugary, energy-elevating, diet-breaking way. We came into the office in the morning to find a hot chocolate bar awaiting us, with toppings of marshmallows, cookie crumbles, and whipped cream to consume just in case the liquid chocolate wasn’t enough of a blood sugar spike. I added all three toppings to my hot chocolate, and believe me when I say that I have no regrets. We also were given a slightly healthier option to drink an apple cider with an accompanying cinnamon stick, if we were so inclined, which evoked feelings of warmth and comfort on that delectable Tuesday morning.

We were then offered a 15-minute massage in the afternoon, which provided an added element of relaxation to the day. I personally never get massages on my own initiative, and was extremely grateful to be able to take advantage of this wellness opportunity during the workday. After my 15-minute session, I came out with an entirely different energy than I had previously possessed, which allowed me to approach the remaining tasks I needed to accomplish that day with a refreshing lens.

The day provided me with a series of treats (both literal and conceptual) that I felt truly lucky to indulge in, and proved to be one of the many reasons I’m consistently happy to be able to work for a company like Lawline!

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