Valentine's Relaxation

Katie Carelli | March 8, 2019

February 14th was a cold, winter day but inside the Lawline office, it was nothing short of warm and cozy. One of Lawline’s core values, CARE, emphasizes a commitment to caring about and helping others. Between asking how each other’s weekends were and being quick to lend a hand on a project, our team members exude this value on a daily basis. This Valentine’s Day, however, served as a nice reminder of just how much we are all cared about.

bigstock-Valentines-Day-Hot-Chocolate-W-277040152Walking into work on the morning of February 14th, I was greeted with a special morning treat: a hot chocolate and hot apple cider bar, complete with fix-ins like crumbled Oreos, marshmallows, whipped cream, and caramel. I opted for an unadorned hot chocolate but, around the office, I saw cups piled high with whipped cream and caramel drizzle. While it seems like a simple thing, this hot drink bar brought the office together. I saw a lot of smiles and heard a lot of laughs. It was the start of a special day.

Valentine’s Day just so happened to fall on a Thursday this year, which meant that in the middle of the day, we sat down to eat our usual free Thursday lunch. If you don’t know about our free lunches, they’re pretty special. While not Valentine’s Day specific, they are a weekly event that brings our team to the same table to catch up on the news, the latest episodes of our favorite television shows, and, most importantly, each other’s lives. This particular Thursday’s lunch helped continue the laughter and conversation we were all having over hot chocolate earlier that morning.

The day started to wind down shortly after lunch, but we still had one special treat left: free massages. For these massages, we are all allowed one 15-minute time slot during the second half of the day. I chose one of the last spots since it felt like a nice way to end a day of work, but as I kept seeing the rest of the team walk out of the massage room looking utterly relaxed, it was hard not to switch my spot for an earlier one. I held out and it was well worth the wait. I came out of that room feeling more relaxed than I had in months and it gave me a clear mind to reflect on how special the day

Between the treats, the laughter, the conversations, and the relaxation, Lawline made Valentine’s Day a truly special one this year, and I was reminded of how just much CARE really means to us.

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