Lawliners Making a Difference with Their Give Back Days

In 2020, Lawline offered an added benefit to all of our employees which embraced our Core Value of Care and our commitment to giving back to our local and national communities.  Specifically, all employees get one paid day off per quarter to volunteer and give back to others.  In addition to providing much needed support to others it also helps improve our employees’ mental and physical health because helping and working with others can have a profound effect on one’s overall psychological well-being. This past month, three of our wonderful employees participated in a give back day, specifically for election day.

Our Lead Program Attorney, Angelica Cesario monitored election protection hotlines for both Arizona and Florida voters to ensure they did not have any barriers to accessing the polls. She also participated in national Get Out the Vote efforts. Angelica believes that it was a rewarding experience and recommends everyone to get involved in voter outreach and voter assistance. 

One of our Program Attorneys, Sarah Mills had the exciting opportunity to help with the election protection voter hotline! Sarah believed that utilizing her legal knowledge was a great way to support a fair election. Sarah shared, “Lawline’s benefit of offering a day off to give back is amazing because I felt so supported while giving back to my community.”

Our Content Operations Specialist, Katie Carelli joined an organization called Common Cause. It is a non-partisan organization that is “fighting for an accountable government, equal rights/opportunities/representations and empowering voices to be heard.” During her “Give Back Day”, Katie reached out to voters in Michigan, Ohio and Maryland to inquire whether they had everything they needed to vote or had any questions during the voting process. Katie stated, “this was one of the most important elections of our lifetimes and it was my civic duty to ensure that all voices could be heard to exercise the right to vote.” She believes that Lawline gives a valuable opportunity to their employees by encouraging employees to give back to their community in ways or at times they normally wouldn’t be able to do. This opportunity has reinforced the idea of kindness for Katie.

The definition of Lawline’s Core Value of Care is that we care deeply about people and are receptive to the needs of others and always open to lending a hand.  Our “Give Back Days” policy exemplifies how we implement this with respect to our employees and our communities.  Our core values run through each one of our employees and we encourage everyone to participate in giving back to their communities and supporting one another.


Stay tuned to hear more about our employees and how Lawline gives back to our community!


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