Escape the Room!

Lindsey Morales | July 8, 2019

At Lawline, there are quarterly team-building events which embrace the PLAY core value and allow Lawliner's to bond as a team. Culture is very important to Lawline and one of the ways in creating a supportive and comfortable environment is by taking time away from work to connect with one another. This time around, Lawline decided to partake in an ‘escape the room’, when a group of people­ is ‘stuck’ in a room and has to find clues to escape in time.  Read more about Lindsey’s first team-building experience here at Lawline!

TeamA (1)On May 30th, 2019, I had my first team-building event ever! While knowing many organizations partake in team-building activities, this was a big deal for me because I had no idea what to expect. I was both excited and nervous. Many questions were running through my mind: Will everyone get along? Will there be clicks? My thoughts went to high school mode again!

Once starting the activity, I was worried that I would not be helpful in solving the puzzles. The Journal of Behavioral Science says that 70% of the general population has experienced imposter syndrome, which is when people doubt their accomplishments and have a fear of being exposed as a fraud. I had a fear that If I didn’t solve a challenge, everyone would think I didn’t belong on the team. How silly. I took a step back. In reality, the goal of this event was to have fun and connect, and not about proving you know the most. Once I realized that I decided to just be myself and have fun. I even helped solve a couple of puzzles!

TeamB (2)While the ‘escape the room’ event was the main event, afterward, we went out to eat and it was just as entertaining and interactive. We went to a restaurant nearby called The Ainsworth, where we ate delicious food including guac and chips, mac & cheese ‘fries’, brussel sprouts, mild wings, and fries. Even though I was the newest addition to the team, I felt connected to everyone right away. It was such a cool experience to see members of all different departments together outside of the office and bonding!

Through it all, I really felt myself GROW by becoming more comfortable with who I am and to just go with the flow so I could enjoy the event! As the Business Operations Assistant, I am excited to continue to focus on maintaining and improving our wonderful work culture!


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