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Lawline has recently added three new and highly talented individuals to it’s Content team. We are so grateful to have them with us and watch them grow with Lawline. 

Eric Mathieu: DEI Program Manager 

Carla Elias-Nava: Program Attorney

Gabriella DiSilvio: Program Attorney


In this article, they share their insights into their experiences with Lawline before they were hired and since they joined the team.

How was the interview process for you?

Carla: The interview process was very thorough. It started with a short culture interview, followed by a writing evaluation and 2 longer interviews. I was also asked to submit references and all of my references were contacted before the final interview. Throughout the process, I met with 5 different people who all had different perspectives and approaches to the interview process. Overall, the interview process was a great opportunity to learn more about the company, and it was a challenging but rewarding experience! 


Eric:The interview process was one of the better processes I've experienced. Not only was everyone incredibly welcoming and thoughtful, I left each round with an increasingly stronger sense of what the vision for the role was and what the culture at Lawline is. The further along I got through the process, the more I felt that Lawline would be a great fit for me.


Gabby: It was great. I thought the questions were thoughtful and allowed me to reflect on my experiences and how they affect who I am as a person and an employee.


Before onboarding, what did you imagine Lawline would be like?

Carla: I think I got a pretty good sense of Lawline throughout the interview process and, having come from a large law firm, I expected this to be a much more laid-back environment with a greater focus on work-life balance and culture. Luckily, all of this ended up being true!


Eric: I imagined that Lawline would be a collaborative environment with a very employee-friendly and morale-driven culture. I was left with that impression from the interview process and found it to be accurate after going through the onboarding process.


Gabby: I imagined Lawline would be exactly as it is! Lawline does a great job at walking the walk, so to speak. Everything on the culture blog posts are really played out in real life and Lawline's core values are a part of every day. 


What was your first day like being remote? Was it like what you thought it would be?

Carla: My first day started off with a short Welcome meeting to go over my onboarding schedule, followed by a company-wide huddle where each function presented their weekly updates. The rest of my day (and the remainder of my first onboarding week) then consisted of several Zoom meetings and lunches where I learned more about the company and gained a brief overview of the other teams’ roles and of the company’s core values and culture.


Although I didn’t have any set expectations for the first day, the first week definitely wasn’t what I thought it would be. I expected to be trained on my role specifically during the first week and was eager to dive into the work. Instead, I spent most of my first week at Lawline (virtually) meeting everyone at the company and learning about the company culture. We didn’t really jump into the specifics of my role until the second week! Although this was very different from what I had experienced in the past, I appreciated the opportunity to get to know everyone and to get more fully integrated into the company!


Eric: While I probably entered my first day with some nerves, the team was incredibly welcoming and helpful. It was about as seamless a transition as I could have imagined. Despite the impersonal nature that might one expect from being in a remote setting rather than an in-person one, Lawline truly felt like an inclusive place from day one.


Gabby: My first day being remote was much more relaxing than I thought it would be as my first day on the job. I expected that I would be more nervous, but everything was laid out clearly for me in a schedule, and having a nice mix of Zoom calls and pre-recorded presentations to watch was helpful without being an overwhelming experience. Everyone I did get to speak to was incredibly welcoming and friendly. Happily, I can say that it's been similar every day since then - kind co-workers and teams that are invested in individuals' development and growth.

What would you say is your biggest GROW moment so far?

Carla: My entire time at Lawline so far has been a GROW moment. I have consistently been doing new things and have been learning so much from my colleagues each day.


Eric: My biggest GROW moments have probably been booking my first program and planning the DEI Summits. I feel as though I have grown into my role quickly and appreciate the trust that has been put in me so far.


Gabby: My biggest GROW moment has been speaking up about the importance of attorney wellness, and being entrusted with the responsibility of spearheading the Wellness Event I'm planning for November. I've always been very passionate about attorney wellness, and it's amazing to be in a position to share information about this topic with others, at an organization that values these contributions. Through opportunities like these, Lawline allows employees to pursue causes that, in turn, empower other attorneys in their pursuit of justice. 


Do you have a favorite PLAY occasion?

Carla: We had a virtual paint party with everyone at the company about a month after I started. The canvas and paint supplies were sent to everyone at their homes and we spent an hour and a half painting and relaxing together.


Eric: The paint night was a lot of fun (despite my huge lack of artistic talent). I'm looking forward to meeting the team in person!


Gabby: Being able to paint together was a lot of fun, and really showed a commitment to keeping the work environment light and not too serious. It was a great chance to just be creative and disconnect.


Is there anything else you would like to share?

Eric: ​​I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of the onboarding process. I felt as though the time was used very productively (especially considering the number of programs and platforms that we use/need to get accustomed to here). I also appreciated meeting many members of the team early-on.

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