Lawline/BBBS Event

Alberto Mayanga | February 14, 2020

Lawline’s first quarter team building event was a bit different than others that we’ve had in the past. For this event, we got to team up with Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of NYC and a local high school, Leadership & Public High School. It was unique in the sense that not only were we able to enjoy the company of our peers, but we were also able to interact and guide our “Littles”, as they transition into the next phases of their lives.

The event started right around lunch time, so of course, we had to eat! All of us squeezed into the Board Room, and enjoyed a few slices of pizza before introducing ourselves. To break the ice, we played a game of “Human Bingo.” I learned a few interesting facts about my co workers here (Joy knows how to play the flute and Kathleen can use chopsticks).

After Human Bingo, we broke up into separate groups where Lawliners were able to connect with the students and prepare them on how to answer the question, “Tell me about yourself.” Sigalle, Angelica, Michelle, I worked with three students, Jojo, Matthew, and Melissa. Our group of students was awesome! They all had very interesting personalities, which matched their goals in life.

In the end, each of us narrowed down what our individual core values are to live a fulfilling life. I learned that mine are Health, Peace, and Love.

The event was lots of fun, where I learned a lot about myself and my co workers, while also mentoring students. It was great to work with BBBS, and I hope to have more events with them in the future.

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