Three New Benefits that Prioritized Lawliner’s Mental and Physical Health


Lawline has added some great benefits since we transitioned completely to remote, including; No Meetings Wednesdays, Summer Fridays, and the week off following the July 4th holiday.

We made these changes as a way to recognize that COVID-19 has transformed the way we work and made it more likely for employees to burnout and also to need additional support.  Our new benefits allow team members to make the decision when it is best for them to either dive deep into their work or take time to relax and be with their friends and families.  

Prior to the pandemic when we still worked in our downtown NYC office, Lawline implemented a “Work from Home Wednesdays” benefit to provide the team with a day where they could have uninterrupted deep work and not have to commute. Since we are now a fully remote company, the “work from home” portion is (of course) no longer applicable but we still did want to provide our employees with an extended block of time to focus on the KPIs, outcomes, and priorities. The “No Meetings Wednesdays” is aimed to allow team members to recharge during mid-week and dedicate time to focus on deep work without scheduled interruptions. 

Additionally, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, we have given our employees Summer Fridays which provides them with the option to finish their day at 3PM. Lawliners love this added benefit during the summer to start their weekend early, especially those who can spend some extra time family friends or devoted to wellness activities

Lastly, we gave our employees, who have worked relentlessly during the pandemic, the entire week off the week of July 5th.  We gifted them a paid week fully offline to ameliorate burnout after a year of working through a global pandemic. Some of our employees were able to get a jump start on their summer vacation, others took the time to relax and visit their families.

Lawline appreciates every single one of our employees and wants to support them in all ways possible. We are redefining what a healthy company culture and workforce look like. We are focused on building a diverse, inclusive, and results-oriented workplace where people can come to us as they are. Understanding that we are now in our employees’ homes, we understand that work needs to be more flexible and we as an organization have the responsibility to prioritize our employees’ mental health.


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