Celebrating Lawline's Recognition in the Healthiest Employers Lead and Learn Blog

Miylie Roan | December 28, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that we have been featured in Healthiest Employers Lead and Learn blog post. Following the success of our 2nd place win for small businesses, this recognition is a testament to our unwavering dedication to creating a healthy, supportive, and productive work environment, especially in a remote work setting. Lawline stands out as a workplace because growth and well-being are top priorities, making it an attractive place for current and prospective team members.


Read more about our journey and initiatives in the full blog post here: https://www.healthiestemployers.com/post/engaging-a-remote-workforce


🌟 Why We Were Featured:


  • Empowering Employees with Fringe Benefits: At Lawline, we believe in empowering our employees. Our Fringe Benefits program is a perfect example, offering a diverse range of options complemented by an annual allowance. This not only enhances the range of employee benefits available but also boosts engagement and satisfaction. It's our way of ensuring that every Lawliner feels valued and supported.


  • Excelling in Remote Work: Transitioning to a fully remote workforce presented its challenges, but at Lawline, we've adapted and excelled. By keeping every Lawliner well-informed and ensuring they can fully utilize the benefits we offer, we've maintained a high level of connectivity and productivity, regardless of physical location. 


  • Prioritizing Mental Health: Mental wellness is a top priority at Lawline, and it is evident in our initiatives. We offer mental health time off, virtual therapy sessions, and access to innovative platforms like The Journal That Talks Back, which provides a unique virtual journaling experience. These resources are vital in supporting the mental health of our team, reflecting our commitment to their overall well-being.


  • Promoting Work-Life Harmony: Our approach to employee wellness is holistic, as showcased by initiatives like Summer Fridays, no-meeting Wednesdays/no-meeting weeks, and supportive gatherings led by our Chief People Officer. These initiatives are designed to create a balance between professional and personal life, ensuring that our team members have ample opportunity for rest and rejuvenation. Our focus on creating a supportive environment extends beyond the workplace into the overall life of our employees.


This feature highlights our efforts in enhancing the workplace, focusing on well-being, flexibility, and open communication. We are showcasing how we CARE for our team! 


A huge thank you to our entire team for making this possible for their outstanding contribution every day. 

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