Richard Turere & the Extraordinary Lion Lights

By Micah Bochart on Mar 1, 2013 10:38:44 AM |


This is the story of Richard Turere of Kenya, who at age 11 came up with a highly innovative solution to the problem of marauding lions. As a result, he was first accepted into Brookhouse International School and later appeared on Ted Talks.

As a FurtherEd team member, I consider it critical at this juncture to challenge oneself to define our mission of “personal growth” in a meaningful way. To me, Richard’s story shows that personal growth can function as a complete spectrum, from basic survival to self-actualization. It began with him trying to save his homestead from lions, and led to a state of having the resources to realize a life-long dream of becoming an aircraft engineer – as basic a need, and as lofty a vision, as any. This is personal growth at its best.

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Micah Bochart

Written by Micah Bochart

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