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After finishing my first semester of Paralegal classes, I have learned a lot about how attorneys use paralegals. I have realized that as a Customer Support Specialist, attorneys use Lawline as a form of a paralegal. What I mean is attorneys call up asking all types of questions, which I found out most of these questions, are presented to a paralegal to do. Most paralegals deal with attorneys CLE requirements and any changes that are enforced. Instead of the attorneys asking the paralegal to do the search and find the information, they call us instead to tell them there status or any updates/changes going on.

I realized that I would not have been able to answer most of these questions without going to school. I learned a bunch of new resources that help me find out the answers and requirements for the questions I’ve been receiving from customers. For example, an attorney asked how he could find out his status, usually I would tell him to contact the bar, however I learned that if they go to the unified courts system website, they are able to find there standing there. I honestly would not have been able to give that advice without attending my classes.

Although Lawline.com doesn’t have the same training as a school would provide, I have learned several facts that I provided to my teachers, as well as, customers. None of my teachers were aware of the Florida’s new ruling on paralegals being required to complete continuing education courses. If I did not tell them, they might be giving out the wrong information and they would not have been on the look out to see if we would be required to do that in the future. I wouldn’t have known about the Florida requirement without working here.

Lawline has provided me with the knowledge of courses that relate to the topics I am learning in school. If I don’t understand what is going on, I have additional resources to helping me understand. Working at Lawline provides me with information I would not be able to get at school. I am able to learn about new updates with laws and regulations, as well as, having the sources to explore theses new updates.

All in all, working at Lawline and going to school has helped me in many ways. I am able to provide the best experience for customers because I am provided with the information whether it is from my classes or from Lawline. Having Lawline does provide an advantage for me at school because I am head of the game of understanding the law and getting additional help if needed. I think if I didn’t have both I would not be as well informed as I am and not been able to give a great experience for our customers. I know I can get an answer from either Lawline or school, where one doesn’t have the answer, the other will.

Trisha is our top Customer Support Rep at Lawline. Known for her expertise with Apple products, Trisha is constantly improving systems in the CS Department. She is expecting to have her Associates Degree in Paralegalism in December 2011.

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