2013 FurtherEd Holiday Party

Ambassador Ann | December 20, 2013

Just as the title declares it, we here at FurtherEd recently celebrated together this past Tuesday. In the past normally we had sit-down dinners. Don't get me wrong; every holiday party has always been a blast and eagerly looked forward to. However this year it was switched up and we went to Barn Joo. There we enjoyed open bar, hor d'oeuvres, and Karaoke! Yes, Karaoke! At first it was like an awkward junior high dance only here it was the people (both boys and girls) away from the stage. However David C took the mic and belted out Tom Petty - Learning To Fly.  After that, you couldn't stop people from putting the song. Even our COO, Kevin, was crooning along with Destiny's Child . Although everyone here wouldn't quit our day job, there's enough talent to fill Carnegie Hall.

However that wasn't the only fun activity of the night. Our Secret Santa gift exchange made the event so much more festive. The gifts ranged from thoughtful to funny. Damian, because of his beautiful long locks, received a set of yellow hair rollers. In addition he received "The Field Guide to Typography", the perfect gift for a web designer. It was a wonderful evening with delicious food, awesome bartenders, and great camaraderie!



2013_Holiday_Party-Comp-Food_001b Delicious Korean food from Barn Joo!
(veggie pancake, BJ chicken, calamari)


2013_Holiday_Party-Comp-Group1b The guests have arrived!



Group4 David C leads with the first song.
Later, Casey got the courage to up on stage.


2013_Holiday_Party-Comp-Group2b Can't Stop The Music!!


2013_Holiday_Party-Comp-Group3b We didn't want the night to end!
Happy Holidays!!!


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