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Lawline Staff | August 26, 2011

Recently Ann asked me what my official title at Lawline was. She needed the information because Ann was going to order me some business cards. I was stumped I really did not know my title; it was never something that really cared about. The one thing I knew is that day in and day out I tried making customers happy. As I paused and thought for a moment I remembered Mike [Rutledge] once called me a customer service guru, I liked it. So I told Ann to put that down as my title.

So this got me thinking how important titles can be and how they should reflect who we truly are to the company. So here is a couple I thought of for the rest of us here at Lawline.

David S. – Fearless Leader
This one does not need much of an explanation. Dave is not scared to trust us to do our thing, he does not feel the need to micro manage which allows the company to grow naturally and create a great working environment.

Jeff R. – Safety Net/Ironman
When something goes wrong we usually take a walk to Jeff’s room. I think this is why he put himself in the back corner to make it a little harder for us to interrupt him; he has to get work done sometime! No but seriously Jeff helps every department run as smooth as possible. Second part of Jeff’s title is for his recent participation in the Ironman race. That stuffs for superheroes and Jeff deserve that badge of honor.

Todd M. – The Fixer
Whether it is the CRM, Internet or a random glitch Todd has got a fix. So many times I walk into Todd’s room and explain an issue and the next thing I hear from Todd is I found it [the issue]! Granted he does break some things but that what’s great about Todd he has fixes for those too!

Christie L. - Papa Da Rappa
Christie shares this title with a very old PlayStation game. Why does Christie get this name? The first reason is obvious she raps. Reading her lyrics since I started working here has been awesome. The second reason is like the PlayStation game she has been around forever. Christie knows just about every in and out of every aspect of Lawline. She was here when the skeletons for the site were built so of course she has a master key.

Michael S. – Training
I am not completely sure where it came from. I am sure there was a joke at some point but the name stuck. While it may have begun as a joke it definitely rings truth. Mike is a loud guy; his phone conversation can be heard from down the hall. Also his encouragement can be heard, Mike celebrates every positive thing the people around him to. I must have heard “That was awesome bro” a thousand times while sitting in the office next to Mike. He is the sales team biggest cheerleader. The positive reinforcement from his jokes reminds you what you should be doing and before you know it you just got trained.

Kyle R. – Omnipresence
More of a state of being than a title but this truly personifies Kyle. I enjoyed Lawline courses before Kyle was here but since Kyle got here I had had the need to put courses down on my calendar because many of the courses he brings to us are something I want to learn about. While booking awesome courses Kyle finds the time to joke with everyone in the office. From making fun of my lateness or making rap videos, Kyle makes his presence felt. This makes him a centerpiece at the Lawline table.

There are definitely more titles but I am going to save those for the next post.

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