3 Tips to Keep Your Business Growing

Two words, fun and discipline. Lawline CEO David Schnurman details the steps he has taken to create the phenomenal culture here at Lawline in a recent post on the Young Entrepreneurs Council website. The article focuses on the struggle many companies deal with when trying to create a disciplined team. "There are two key aspects to building a successful company culture. The first is creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere where your employees love coming to work each day. The second is creating an environment where your employees collaborate with each other, are challenged to work hard and improve, and are accountable to themselves and the team on a daily basis." Dave goes on to say that the more difficult of the two is the later, creating daily accountability and discipline within each employee and among the group.

Using a variety of measures, however, David has been able to expand Lawline by making it a great place to work where people come in early excited about new ideas. He identifies 3 keys to success for creating a great company culture, including creating a culture of discipline, maintaining a high proportion on Energy in vs. Energy out, and giving employees a vested interest in the company. See the full article below to get the scoop on how Lawline keeps growing!

How to Build a Successful Company Culture

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