Taking Time To Serve Lunch

Ambassador Ann | September 5, 2013

Our core values, ASTED, are extremely important to us here at FurtherEd.

  • Actively Learning
  • Seeking Creative Solutions
  • Taking Time to Help Others
  • Exuding Optimism
  • Driven to Find a Better Way

We strive to achieve each of them. A small group went out and Took Time To Help Others by feeding the hungry at Trinity Church. They came back to the office feeling great to do a good deed.

Trinity Church Lunch 20130820 (4)Trinity Church Lunch 20130820 (2)










CHRIS: "I was in charge of Hot Tea and hot chocolate. It was a great time. I liked seeing that so many different people from all walks of life take advantage of this wonderful service from the Church."

JULIE: "I thought it was a really rewarding experience! All the guests were so grateful to have us there and see fresh, bright faces. It makes you take a step back and look at your life and realize how grateful you are and what we really take for granted. I would love to do it again!"


Trinity Church Lunch 20130820 (5) (L-R): Chris, Rich, Mike, Lauren, & Julie

MIKE: " [It] was a great experience and opportunity in meeting others while being able to help out at the same time! I was lucky to be able to help on earlier days in preparing the lunches, and to be able to give them out and seeing you make someone's day is priceless! Also was rewarding knowing that my presence there and smile while greeting people in need on line was contagious and can go a long way! :@)"

Trinity Church Lunch 20130820 (3)Trinity Church Lunch 20130820 (1)











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