A Delightful Detour in Plans

July 29, 2013

On Tuesday July 23rd, Five FurtherEd-ers went on a mission to feed the hungry. Upon arriving at Trinity Place, we discovered that our talents were needed elsewhere –in the community center known as Charlotte’s Place.

Charlotte Place Meredith, Sigalle, LaurenV, Michele, and Mike at Charlotte’s Place



We met with Eva, the Program Coordinator, who showed us around the space and taught us about their mission. She pointed out that the center is decorated with 3 mosaic murals, each depicting a season. Winter was still incomplete, so we teamed up to help finish it.

Said Michele, “It felt good to know that what we were working on would be displayed to all who came for support and services at Charlotte's Place.  It also frees the mind by putting all of focus into getting small pieces into smaller spots.”

Sigalle mentioned “It was therapeutic. I enjoyed learning about the organization and creating something that will last for a long time and bring happiness.”

Lauren told me “It was a really great way to both help Charlotte's place with an amazing project and take the time to do something relaxing during the day. It was really cool to see the completed mosaics and know that our work would soon be on display as well and that we were joining many others who help put them together. It was also a great opportunity to learn about the community center which I probably would have never known existed!”

Charlotte Place (1) Can you see the snowflakes on the blue background?


Author Bio

Written by Meredith Cohen

Meredith is the Director of Customer Experience at Lawline but has taken on a number of diverse roles within the company over the years, and has handled just about everything from managing customer databases to doing post-production work on courses. Since joining the Lawline team in 2012, she has gotten her MBA online, done some world traveling, and hand-fed an ostrich. She loves singing off-key in the car, shouting out the questions on ‘Jeopardy!’ and eating dessert first.


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