A Pop Culture Review of 2012

Lawline Staff | January 8, 2013

To start Monday (and the year as a whole) off right.  I decided to quiz Lawliners on the happenings of 2012.  Being infatuated with pop culture myself, I decided to group together 2012's biggest moments in a short, fun trivia game!  Test your knowledge below with some of the questions!

1.  What movie won best picture at the 2012 Oscars?
The Artist
Bonus: Who won best actor, best actress?
Jean Dujardin, Meryl Streep

2. What CW television show ended in December of 2012?
Gossip Girl (R.I.P.)

3. What was the highest grossing movie of 2012?
The Avengers

4. Who was the highest paid (movie) actress of 2012?
Kristin Stewart

5. What was the top selling album of 2012?
Adele -- 21

6. Which country won the 2012 Euro Cup?
Bonus: What was the score?

7. What was the most "googled" search of 2012?
Whitney Houston (R.I.P.)

2012 was obviously a big year and now we have 2013 to look forward to! Happy New Year!

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