ALAN: November's Winner of “Taking Time To Help Others”

Ambassador Ann | December 26, 2012

After retiring from law, Alan became a high end real estate broker in the Hamptons.  His current practice, combined with his 40 years of real estate investing, has made him more knowledgeable than most brokers!

Continuing education in the Real Estate industry is FurtherEd’s next vertical, and to penetrate the market an entirely new course catalog needed to be constructed.  FurtherEd hired a speaker from Washington and scheduled course filmings for an entire week.

When we approached Alan about offering his expertise to some of the courses he was more than willing to volunteer his time.  The result?

Alan completed three courses with our speaker, Susan Davis, and took the courses to a new level!  We could not have done it without him!

Previous Months’ CV Awards – Taking Time To Help Others

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