Alter Ego

Ambassador Ann | May 2, 2012

Ever wonder who you would be in a parallel universe? You could be just about anyone. A firefighter, intergalactic trader, hero or villain. 

Rob had just two questions for us (Well technically, it is four questions):
-If you could do any job at, what would it be? Why?
-If you had to choose someone to do your job, who would it be? Why?

With this question, people had to think hard considering they love the job they are doing. After some time, a majority would like to be a Program Attorney or Web Developer. The reasons behind choosing program attorney is that they would like to organize events, speak with attorney, gotten through law school and educate others. As for Web Developer, it would allow those to be creative.
When it came to choosing those to cover their position, it seemed everyone was trust-worthy in performing the job.

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