Lawline Staff | August 19, 2011

Though Ann has only been at Lawline for about a month, it is already hard to imagine the office without her. Immediately, she has made her presence felt with her high energy, passionate spirit, and ever-present optimism.

In her first few days Ann had been training in customer service, as all Lawline members take part of. Within her first few training sessions, without any background knowledge of our backend system, Ann literally exclaimed (as witnessed by Chris): “I want to take one, Lawline doesn’t hire sissies!”

Later that day, her optimism carried through on her first customer call: a password reset (not a bad first call to get!). End result: success!

Later that day in the halls, she was overheard saying “see I told you I had it!”

Every day we enter the office Ann greets us with a smile. She is always ready to tackle any task head on with an optimistic outlook, regardless of what it is, just as she did with her first customer service call.

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