August Core Values- Sean Barr - SEEKING CREATIVE SOLUTIONS

Lawline Staff | August 19, 2011

“Before I evaluate today, huge CONGRATULATIONS to Sean for coming up big with his first sale as a Lawline employee as well as the first sale in the VA Market.  Keep up the hard work Sean! “

-Sales Recap, August 10.

Though still new to the team, Sean has shown a great ability to be quick on his feet, stay agile, and find creative ways to get the job done.

Sean has overcome a few obstacles – learning the sales routine and product, developing his pitch, and dealing with a multitude of technical glitches that seemed to magnate to his accounts early on. Regardless, Sean continued to seek ways to get the job done.

For example, Sean kept his appointments in-line despite unexplained malfunctions  with his Google calendar. With thousands of leads to keep track of, this is a key tool for organization. He also has kept his call-volume high throughout his CRM click-through malfunctions, hitting his goal daily. As a result, sales have picked up quick for Sean the past few weeks as he has built his pipeline in our upcoming markets.

Though still new to the CLE selling game, Sean has quickly shown he has the ability to come up with creative ways to reach his goals. Great things await Sean as he continues to prove his ability to think creatively and optimistically.

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