...Because All Mermaids Need Them

Ambassador Ann | December 9, 2011

On Wednesday, Frank asked everyone to give their best pitch.

He split everyone into 3 groups and presented a challenge to sell an item to a specific target through a commercial. The problem was the appraisers had trouble selling their products.  Each group were given a list of items & target groups to choose from. Coincidentally each group, although in different rooms, picked mermaids to sell to. Mermaids were the most difficult target group on the list and we just love challenges here at Lawline.com. Team 1 choose feather dusters and Team 2 & 3 choose hula hoops.

After choosing those products, we had to show 3 creative ways to use the product while keeping it funny during our commercial. No problem!
It was great coming up with ideas and working as a team. Everyone's imagination really came through. Frank choose this fun exercise because thinking on our feet is something we do everyday here and this was just another challenge.

Team 2 were the winner! Now if only we could really find some real mermaids to use hula hoops....

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