Betcha You Can!

Ambassador Ann | December 7, 2012


Yesterday we were seeking creative solutions as Joe challenged the group to several bar bets. The first bet was the hat trick , which Kyle caught on to in the middle of it and ruined the surprise.
Next up was the money count down  where Joe exacted his revenge on Kyle for the aforementioned blunder.
After that, Joe was able to get water from a plate to a glass without touching the plate or the water. We couldn't even use a straw. That truick involved a pack of match. And finally, the whiskey vs water trick! You had a glass of whiskey and a glass of water and the task was to switch the liquids without pouring it out.
Click the links below and watch the video on how to solve these neat tricks.

Moral of the story: If you have the opportunity, incorporate fire into your morning meeting.

Hat Trick: (

Coins Trick: (

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