Board Game Night

Ambassador Ann | September 4, 2012

Where were you the night of Tuesday, August 28th at 6:00pm? If not at Lawline, then you missed out on a great game of Cranium. Luckily we have a blog to recount our awesome activities.

We drew, hum, and acted our way in Cranium to claim glory! Some activities were easy such as humming "We're not going to take it" and saying a famous line of Arnold Schwarzenegger .

However other challenges were not so facile to solve. Have you tried making a trombone with clay? Pray that you don't. Also, try to solve this:
Fabric King = V_ _v_ _        _ _v_ _

The answer is Velvet Elvis.
The competition was quite impressive but alas as with all games there must be a winner.

Congrats to Sigalle & Kenny!

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