Brown Bagging For A Cause

Ambassador Ann | July 11, 2013

Here at the FurtherEd office, we're all lucky to have weekly groceries, snacks, beverages, and Thursday lunches provided for us. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who go hungry, even around us while we go to work or home.

On Tuesday, July 9th five FurtherEd-ers, including myself, took time out of our day to help Trinity Church gather up and bag several crates of lunches to be given to the hungry. Not only do they give out the lunches but they also help the hungry find a place to go besides the street; as oppose to sending them on their way after giving food.


Here's what some of us had to say of this event:

  • Julie: "It was a great experience!  It was nice to be able to get away from the office and take some time to help others.  It was also great to learn more about the organization and we can help out.  Even more so that they really try to help out the homeless and aren't there to be a support system, they are there to to help them get back on their feet. "
  • Mo: "I wish there had been more for us to do! Mike's generous spirit was on fire, he wanted to go out and hand food to people directly. Julie employed her former bartender skills to stuff bags at an unbelievable rate, while Ann kept up the energy and Jen managed our supply levels. Everyone worked themselves into a sweat putting together the brown bags. We worked so hard that we ran out of things to pack an hour in! We were still determined to continue packing bags (even after the organizer told us that there was nothing left to pack!) I think the rooftop was the most unexpected and rewarding part of the day. Stepping out and looking down on the city really makes you reflect on why you're giving back. When you look down from the 13th floor of a building people look like moving dots on a grid, but when you take the time to look around you people look more like a team. I really like how this project really emphasized all of our core values and I had fun spending time with my coworkers. "


Brownbagging 20130709 (6)mmj One side of the factory line: Mo, Mike, & Julie

Brownbagging 20130709 (4)mike Mike positively glowing from helping!

Brownbagging 20130709 (7)ann Can't forget the juice!

Brownbagging_20130709_(2)jen Squint harder and you'll see Jen's halo

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