Care, Create, Act, Play, Grow: The Value of a Core Values contest.

Lawline Staff | May 2, 2016

The Core Values act as a compass of sorts, a set of guiding principles at Lawline. For the past two quarters we have had a friendly competition, one that helps us to recognize one another based on the Lawline Core Values: Care, Create, Act, Play, Grow. Nominations were submitted via handwritten notes and, after requests, via Google forms. Each submission included a Core Value instance, 1-2 sentences that related to the definition of one or more of the Core Values. Prizes were awarded to the individual who received the most nominations and the individual who submitted the most nominations.

As prizes, we were fortunate enough to have an Amazon Echo as well as an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for quarter one. Which were awarded to Micah (Chief Video Producer) and Devin (Accreditation Specialist) respectively.  Additionally, we were able to award two $100 dollar gift cards to local restaurants for the second quarter to Shaun (Programming Attorney) and Micah (Chief Video Producer). The competition helped emphasize our culture of camaraderie and allowed for the highlighting of each of our strengths by our peers. Most importantly it gave us all the opportunity to reflect upon what makes working at Lawline a great experience, the people!

Here are some great highlights from both quarters:


From: Meredith D.
For: Alison
Core Value: Grow

Comment: I was impressed by the way Alison explained NPS in the company meeting today and by all the work she has done with it. It really shows how much she has grown in her understanding of our customers and in her role as a customer experience representative.


Meredith 5

From: Michele
For: Meredith C.
Core Value: Act

Comment: Meredith took initiative on an early Monday morning to empty the dishwasher when she saw it needed to be done which was in the best interest of Lawline team members and the company who were greeted with clean mugs and dishes after a blizzard weekend.



From: Ann
For: Mike S
Core Value: Act

Comment: While in the concrete jungles of NYC, The OnBrand agents were on a hunt for cannolis. However the search turned up barren. Stephanie stepped up to search but the bitter winds and the scarce resource in this area proved hindering. Then our hero, Mike, used his Indiana Jones-wits (aka postmates) to order the best cannolis from a nearby land. Thanks Mike!



From: Rich
For: Micah
Core Value: Act

Comment: Micah acted quickly on short notice to review Austin Admin to provide functionality feedback in a timely manner so we can move toward launch in April.



From: Meredith C.
For: Micah
Core Value: Care

Comment: When I was working late and needed help, Micah asked what he could do. He ended up staying until 6:30 with me to update admin pages. I'm guessing he probably regrets making the offer, but it was a huge help! Thanks Micah!

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