Ambassador Ann | March 29, 2012

Outside the door of the idea room, two things could be heard: a minute long silence and then an outburst of phrases. This morning, we played Charades.

After being split into two groups, a member from each group picked from a bag one of many written pieces of paper which Trisha wrote. After reading it, it was Action, Set, Go with all the best silent acting that would rival Charlie Chaplin.

Gamal's impression of Jeff R.' was spot on with his thinking stance. For Team 1 to guess Sales Team, all Stephanie did was smile and laugh which in turn does show exuding optimism. Chris wasn't too clear at first with his Taking Time to Help Others as he was trying to play a scene from Cliffhanger. However, his second scene was easier to figure.

All in all, both team got every gesture except one so Team 1 was the victor.  Congrats to Team 1!

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