Color My Day ______

Ambassador Ann | December 2, 2011

Yesterday morning Corey had everyone do a short, team building exercise. Everyone was asked to write down 7 colors, one for each day of the week that they associate that color with.   He asked people to share and see how many people agreed or disagreed with each other. People had very different reasons for why they associated one color with one specific day.

For Tuesday, Sasha and Trisha picked Bright Green.
Sasha's reason was it's a nice day and she feels smart on that day. (FYI: She is always smart)
Trisha's reason was it reminds her of the bridesmaids' dresses for her brother's upcoming wedding. Tuesday is the only day for her to do wedding preparations.

For Saturday, Sal & Joe picked Yellow.
It is the day S
al usually wakes up with the sun, not before.
For Joe, it is just a free, happy day.

This exercise showed how important empathy is in a social setting and especially a work place. Every individual thinks differently and no one is necessarily wrong or right. This understanding not only helps people get along in the office but it can be applied to sales and customer service as well. Understanding the problem or objection from the customer's point of view is very important and will aid us in solving that problem or assuring the customer and fighting off that objection.

Interesting fact: In Thai tradition, there are colors assigned to the god of the day.

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