Core Values Spotlight: Frank is Seeking Creative Solutions

Seeking creative solutions is a core value distinguished from finding a better way. Both require creativity as well as analytic thought, but an analogy shows the difference. Think of the plastic rings that bind together a 6 pack. A creative solution would be to cut the rings to protect ocean life, while finding a better way would be to look for a way to not dump the rings in the ocean altogether. Seeking creative solutions means taking action quickly, identifying the problem, determining the best solution, and then implementing it all at once.

Frank Furbacher Jr. routinely seeks creative solutions, leaping into action when there is a problem, calm and calculated, not stopping until a solution is found. This has been exemplified over the past few weeks as our two Lawline offices are combining into one. Frank has gone above and beyond to coordinate moving desks, finding a new Office Ambassador to greet guests, and pitching in anywhere necessary not just to do what needs to be done, but also making sure to use the best means possible to complete the task.

Frank’s creativity crosses into all aspects of Lawline, and includes brainstorming new sales techniques and using Google docs to effectively organize and utilize shared data between Lawline employees. Also, through his implementation of the culture blog and career center, he has recruited a new crop of Lawline applicants who are attracted to the core values and mission to promote education in a creative environment.

His continued creative initiatives building a strong culture and work environment brings top talent through Lawline’s doors and makes Lawline a better place to work.

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