Core Values Spotlight: Michael is Taking Time to Help Others

Taking time to help others is more than passively asking someone if you can help. It takes actively engaging with someone about a particular issue and pitching in with the work of determining the best solution. If you ever ask Michael Kim for assistance on a project the response is the latter kind of help. Michael is always ready to pitch in and will reply "Sure- what can I do?"

Michael takes it a step further by sinking his teeth into the particular issue and facilitates finding a solution by doing outside research, thinking critically about different possibilities, and experimenting to find the best solution.

From assisting Micah in perfecting the technology on live webcasts to making sure all employees can watch the morning meetings through adobe connect, Michael Kim is always looking out for his fellow team members. His hunger to solve problems and excitement when tackling a new challenge shows the depth of his spirit to help others.

His positive attitude and enthusiasm contributes to the productiveness of his department and the entire company, and is inspirational to all who work with him.

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