Core Values Spotlight: Vas is Exuding Optimism

To exude optimism means having the mindset that nothing is impossible and no task is too complex. “If it can be solved, then I can solve it!” is the mentality. And this is the mentality of the original Lawline coder, Vasily Federov.

If you have an idea, no matter how big it may seem Vas comes to it with a positive attitude and says “it can be done!”

Vas has built much of the Lawline system from top to bottom. In many ways he is akin to the Architect from the Matrix. He takes the dreams and ideas from those in the company and says “oh yes, that can be done,” and then promptly makes it so.

One of the many examples that illustrate Vas’s passion and optimism is the webcast page. Vas was so excited that everyone was talking about the possibilities of webcast that one weekend, while on vacation in Miami no less, he spent the whole time day and night coding a brand new webcast page.

His constant passion for building and growing Lawline continues to inspire, and whether he is staying up all night to fix a bug or building a whole new page, no challenge is too great and nothing is too complex or difficult for the optimistic passion of Vasily Federov.

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