Creative Solutions - Christie LaBarca

Lawline Staff | May 9, 2011

Business Intelligence is the key to implementing effective marketing and sales decisions. To make the best use of information, though, requires a dynamic person to know what data is most important, how to obtain it, and how to use it effectively. This is a rare ability. What is even more unique is the person that not only knows how to create intelligent information, but also communicates with customers on a daily basis. Christie LaBarca is that individual.

Christie possesses both creativity and strong interpersonal and social skills.  She started at during a period when only a limited number of products were sold, despite customers with extremely varying demands across 41 states.  Through her ingenuity, she recognized that the time of the year, the state, the customer history, and even the customer behavior dictated buyer behavior.

Christie then took the initiative to outline a custom CRM in which employees would be able to differentiate all customers based on multiple criteria. Taking it to the next level, she used the system to divide up every customer into a specific purchase segment, drafted predictions, and proceeded (with help) to call each and every one.

From here, not only was a new revenue source created, but there was a substantially large increase in customer satisfaction. Christie’s creativity led to a personalized offer for each customer, and this has created an innovative and original customer retention program unseen before her vision.

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