DAVE S: August's Winner of the “Exuding Optimism"

Ambassador Ann | October 10, 2012

When David ended up in the hospital for 5 days as a result of a typical elbow scrape, he was just about to start training for the marathon and was also in the midst of trying to acquire different names for them multi-displine direction of the company.  It would have been very easy to table both of these projects and focus on his pain and discomfort, particularly since the doctors told him he would not be able to run for a couple of weeks.

Instead, while in the hospital, he was constantly texting and instant messaging Lawline team members with new name proposals, and negotiating with owners of URLS he liked.  After that, the first day he was able to run, he laced up his sneakers and hit the pavement.

Last week David announced that he had chosen the name FurtherEd to be the parent company of Lawline, CPE line and other future verticals.  Additionally he ran 13.2 miles!

Previous Months' CV Awards - Exuding Optimism

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