DAVID C: December's Winner of "Actively Learning"

Ambassador Ann | January 18, 2013

David (DC) has started Lawline’s newest endeavor; Bridge the Gap Programming for newly admitted attorneys.

Since David has arrived he has learned the nuances of NY CLE requirement, attended every live event (even on the weekend in Newark, NJ) and has a continuous drive to understand the topics needed for our New York Bridge the Gap program.  What is even more impressive is his ability to do so in such a manner that directly translates into concise, clear and reliable work while maintaining a humility that is truly inspiring!

At two separate live events, his pointed questions helped resuscitate the programs and the two different presenters reach their time minimums. With David there, Kenny never worried about coming up short. David also applied his active learning skills to the challenging word picture games devised for him by almost 8 year old Max, Michele's son.

Previous Months’ CV Awards – Actively Learning

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