Ambassador Ann | December 19, 2011

Lawline was roaring with creativity last Thursday.

Frank gave us the task to build a Dinosaur model and present a performance to show what is special about it. After being broken up into three groups, each group had a bag of random supplies such as feathers, toothpicks, and chenille sticks.

With only 5 minutes given  to create it, each team came up with a model along with a  story of how they moved and ate. One dinosaur, the Taurantasauras, ate everything and flew. Its tail inspired the Nike logo. The Mardigrasorous was on a spirit liquid diet and stayed low to the ground. Mardigrasorous was present with a rap (by CEO Dave) and beatboxing (by Web Developer Joe). Another dinosaur was able to fly and shoot lasers from his eyes.

It was great to see the team work and imagination of everyone come together! In the end, the team who build Taurantasauras won the challenge. Congrats to them!

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