Do you know Ben, Dan, Pat, or Sam?

Ambassador Ann | March 7, 2012

A wildflower clock

Early Monday morning, I decided to have the team activate their thinking caps.

We played a game called Ben, Dan, Pat & Sam. The object of the game is to guess the word after receiving part of a sentence or a clue. The word had to begin with Ben, Dan, Pat, or Sam. After splitting into two teams, we flipped a coin to see which would go. Team 1 won by calling heads.

A Flat-bottom Chinese Boat

The levels ranged from easy to hard with a final round. Being, the teams started with Medium but stuck with Hard all the way through. (We do love challenges here!) Each team had thirty seconds to solve the clue or risk having the other team steal. It was neck to neck but in the end, it was Team 2 who came through during the final round with a 10 point lead!

Here are some of the clues and their answers:

  • Petroleum Ether  (BENzene)
  • Knee Cap           (PATella)
  • A wooden sofa    (BENch)

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