Don't Drink & Drive; Eat & Learn Instead!

Ambassador Ann | May 2, 2013

One of the many awesome perks of working here at FurtherEd is having free lunches on Thursdays, known happily as Thursday Lunch. I've ordered many different cuisines such as Sandwiches, Caribbean, Indian, and Colombian. Recently Thursday Lunches have gotten much more exciting with viewings of our FurtherEd TV shows, hosted by our very own Micah Bochart!

Micah interviews incredible individuals every Sunday, 5:30pm on Channel 25 and then replays it Thursdays. We all get together in the conference room and positively relish the time eating & learning! This leads to interesting and thought-provoking questions and conversations for the rest of the day. Thanks Micah!

The Interview on Today's Menu: 5/2

Feasting on Sandwiches & Knowledge

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