Employee Spotlight: Beth Bersson

Beth Bersson | August 2, 2017

Beth.jpgAlmost a full month ago, our Accreditation team was joined by Beth Bersson. Here are Beth's thoughts on starting at Lawline:

1) How was the interview process for you?

Very smooth. I applied online and quickly had a reach out from Kathleen, our Business Operations Assistant, to set up a phone call with Michele, our VP of Business Operations. While doing research on Lawline, I discovered that Kathleen went to college with someone I did theater with in high school, and that Lawline had partnered with my company at the time, PrintingHouse Press, to make CLE videos. When I went to the first interview, I felt like I was able to connect on a personal level, and I got a really good idea of what Lawline’s culture was like and what the position would entail. The second interview was more formal, and I was able to get a sense of how multiple departments ran and what David, the CEO, is trying to do with Lawline.

2) Before stepping foot into the office, how did you imagine Lawline would be?
I thought Lawline might be stuffier than it is. The layout of the office is really open, which makes it feel like there is a lot of room.

3) What was your first day like? Was it like you thought it would be?
My first day was wonderful. I felt so welcomed when I walked in. Ann, our Office Ambassador, and Kathleen had everything set up for me so I could jump right into learning more about all the departments, and start my Accreditation training.

4) What would you say is your GROW moment?
My GROW moment happened when I sat down with Meredith, the Director of Accreditation, for my first 1-on-1 weekly coaching, and we determined that my position's scorecard needs to be reworked to incorporate more challenging tasks.

WinningTeam.jpg5) Do you have a favorite PLAY occasion?
My favorite PLAY occasion was the last day of my first week when Lawline went on a scavenger hunt! I was lucky enough to be paired with Mike from Marketing (who had grown up in the village), James from Development, and Michele. We finished in first place and celebrated with beers, fries, and chicken wings.

Welcome to the team, Beth!

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