Michael Shafland | November 21, 2016

It was the day after Election Day, and escape was on the mind of everyone at Lawline. Not escaping to Canada (the #5 country in the world for quality of life, according to U.S. News), not to Brazil (#1 for adventure), or even Italy (the #3 country for dating - that’s amore!).

Instead, the escape Lawliners were seeking was a little more immediate and pressing. We had been locked in a room and had an hour to get out. No, this wasn’t the plot of a Saw-esque thriller, but rather the thoughtful planning of Office Ambassador Ann Joseph. It was our team outing to X-Room, a real life "escape the room" adventure.

2016 XRoom20161109_143409 Team 1: The Top Secret Agents

After meeting at the designated location in Manhattan’s Chinatown, the Lawline team was split into two groups and briefed on their scenarios. Team 1 was the Top Secret group: secret agents locked into a room in the enemy’s intelligence headquarters and given one hour to find a secret file. Team 2 were archaeologists, locked into an ancient tomb, with an hour to escape before the air ran out. Both groups had to solve a series of puzzles, riddles, and mysteries to get out. It would take *listening* to and believing in your teammates (Care), the ability to act decisively (Act), creative thinking (Create), the playfulness and imagination to immerse yourself in the environment (Play), and building on previous accomplishments to solve the next challenge (Grow). For those keeping score at home, thats all five of Lawline’s core values.

2016 XRoom20161109_143436 Team 2: The Archaeologists

Although the event was planned weeks ago, when November 9th came around, escape turned out to be an oddly fitting theme. Escape from our daily routines. Escape from the fear and uncertainty many of us were feeling that day. Escape from the divisiveness that seemed to be enveloping the country. Although only one team ended up escaping their room on time (sorry team 2!), everyone at Lawline got some much needed escape last Wednesday, and best of all, we got to do it together.

If you'd like to see a short video celebrating our culture event created by one of our talented Lawliners, Michael Corsey, please watch this link.

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